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Warehousing & Fulfillment Operations

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Quality Assurance Services

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Operations Optimization Consulting



Three reasons why?

We are professional support specialists deeply committed and driven to help your company optimize operations.

In PSM we establish alliances and commitments to our customers to target cost reduction and liabilities.

We understand the mayor importance of constant growth of your business. We are here to help remove the obstacles blocking your growth path.

Operations in Mexico can be daunting, that is why we look to help our partners ease in to border operations and experience the cost benefits of business south of the border.

Our team and network of partners are passionate about problem solving & optimizing operations. We will get the very best out of your product, process, and services, saving you time and money.

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26,000ft2 facilities within the city of Tijuana, and additional space accessible trough or partners network.


Access to machinery, tooling, jigs and fixtures in-house or trough our network of partners, at competitive pricing.


Highly skilled, qualified and knowledgeable team members that tackle strict and high-pressure requirements.


Daily to real time data sharing. Know your project numbers with added flexibility to work around your data needs.



Contract Manufacturing, Re-Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Assembly, Sub-assy., Packaging, special projects for electro/mechanical products in the electronics, automotive & medical industries. World class services at affordable costs.

Our operations follow TPS (Toyota production system) principals to assure our standardized work is reliable and exceeds your manufacturing expectations. With high focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost (SQDC), offering world class services at affordable costs.


We are ready to transfer your assembly or sub-assy. process and assure we manufacture to your standards and care

Packaging / Re-packaging

Bulk products to re-pack as singles, or single products re-packed in bulk. Let us help you optimize your product presentation

Special projects

We can tackle short or long term special assembly projects that require reverse engineering, sourcing and analysis.


These models allow us to assure standardization and reliability, while optimizing safety, quality, delivery and cost of our process

Warehousing & Fulfillment operations

Warehousing, Distribution & Order Fulfillment following Lean standard work practices to pursue the perfect order to every customer, every time.

Our warehousing and inventory control process is flexible to your needs, and can accommodate import/export of raw materials, FG, Sub-Assy, in compliance with required regulations.

Warehousing None

Inventory storage & management of palletized products and boxed items. Inbound and outbound shipment, Transloading and Cross-docking.

Order Fulfillment / Distribution None

Order processing Pick up, packing and labeling of pick & pack, Parcel and LTL/FTL shipments. Invoicing and order administration.

VMI None

Vendor Managed Inventory. We managed and maintain an agreed inventory level of your products, readily available to customers

Returns & Exchanges None

Consolidate warehousing and fulfillment activities with a returns center following your product or service warranty policy.

Quality Assurance services

We work with you, your vendors, customers or 3rd party partners, to correct and improve any quality issue you face or need support in correcting and improving.

Whether your problem is with a process, product or service; we place our years of experience and technical knowledge at your service.

Inspection & Sorting None

Incoming quality control, defect screening and sorting of raw materials, Sub-Assy, and Finished goods.

Rework & Refurbish None

Product correction or refurbishment. Bring your rejected products back to standard and customer expectations.

Process Audits / 3rd. Party Audits None

Our team audits and evaluate your processes or 3rd. party interest to assure your Quality, Environmental, Safety and compliance standards are followed

Quality training None

Statistic process and quality control, Quality circles, problem solving, ISO 9001, Total quality management and other quality related workshop trainings

Operations optimization and consulting

We can help you lean out your operations and help you control KPI’s applying Lean, Six sigma, TPS, TQC principals, following on the job examples

Applying Lean and Six Sigma concepts to your processes will start yielding great benefits for your profitability.

Optimization None

Have a specific process goal to achieve? Let us help you optimize it and exceed your goals.

Consulting None

We offer our years of experience to review your operations and provided continual improvement guidance trough workgroups lead by our engineers.

Lean Six-sigma None

Let us help you develop an educational work plan to apply Lean manufacturing and six sigma work principals through out your organization.

TPS None

Ready for a work culture change? Then let us assist you in applying the Toyota Production system model and develop high performance teams.



Great work comes from great partnerships. We are proud of or national and international network of partners.

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